We perform high quality pruning that benefits the structure and aesthetic of trees


There are various kinds of tree trimming particular to every situation and budget. Sometimes only deadwood removal is necessary while on other occasions thinning, raising, and shaping is appropriate. Our staff is also trained in structural pruning which focuses on the long term safety and future growth of trees. We do not recommend or practice thinning more than 25% of the canopy. Moreover, while "topping" trees is common in Los Angeles it is perhaps the worst and most damaging kind a trimming one can do. For more information on tree trimming please read this helpful article Why Topping Hurts Trees

Tree Removal

Due to disease, damage, or to make way for new construction it is sometimes necessary to completely remove trees.To do this we use the safest and highest quality climbing and rigging equipment available to ensure a safe and efficient removal. Moreover, with the use of large cranes we love doing the most difficult and hazardous jobs. Because this type of work can be exceptionally dangerous, particularly with trees that are already dead, we carry general liability and worker's compensation insurance.

Cat Rescue

Sometimes curious cats find themselves stuck in trees. "Taco" pictured here, was stuck near the top of a 50' Italian Cypress for 4 days! Mike White, owner of White's Tree Service, was able to climb the tree, gently place the frightened cat in a duffel bag, and lower him down to his eager family below!

Certified Arborist Consultations

For those needing advice on selecting appropriate trees to plant or diagnosis and treatment of disease and tree problems we offer certified arborist consultations and reports.

Root Barrier Installation

Rootbarriers help to confine root growth to avoid damaging concrete and block walls. We install both hard surface barriers and Biobarrier.

Stump Removal

With the use of several different sized stump grinders we are capable of removing almost any size stump. Furthermore, due to the recent addition of our Alpine Magnum Stump grinder we are capable of grinding stumps in tight spots, steep hills, and other places a conventional stump grinder would never be able to access. Stumps can be removed completely or ground a few inches below grade.

Tree Planting

We are experienced in not only the proper methods of tree planting and staking but also have the expertise to help our customers decide which species of trees would be best suited for their environment and landscape.

Brush Chipping

We have high powered commercial chippers to efficiently remove large volumes of brush.

Storm Damage Cleanup

The Santa Ana winds can cause incredible destruction. Our crew has a great deal of expertise in carefully removing broken and fallen trees from roofs and vehicles.

Brush Clearance and Property Cleanups

We clear and remove brush per fire department regulations.